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Friday, February 17, 2012

Time to take the 5 Healthy Habits to the next level.....

Ok, as promised I'm going to bring you in on my crazy thoughts as of late.
Look, I know the 5 Healthy Habits work...let's be honest, I have been living them only 40% for the last 5 months and have still watched my weight, and my size drop while my work capacity has increased. I have seen significant changes in my digestive issues and have seen more high days in my energy. My doctor says he is impressed with my blood short...I'm improving. Slowly and steadily I have watched myself get fitter, and fitter. But honestly, it has now brought me to a point where I feel like I want to jump start things a bit. Yeah, I guess I'm getting impatient.

I know without a doubt in my mind that I will continue to lose weight and get healthier as I master these 5 habits. I'm just about there, and as you get this great foundation down you too will start to realize that it is far 'Better' than 90% of the advice out there. It gets you to a great state of health...but we each will have to tweak the last leg of the journey to accomplish 'Best' and accommodate our individual goals. Everyone's lifestyle is a little different, their goals are different. So to reach 'Best' you will need to make some choices that fit you. For me, I think it's the Zone Diet with a Paleo twist.

Yesterday I gave you countless examples of people who have already made this jump. They have found the formula their bodies work optimally on, within the parameters of their lifestyles. I think what I love about the 5 Healthy Habits is how easy it is to squeeze them into anyone's lifestyle, if you're willing to try. I also love the gentle and progressive impact they have on your health and well being. You immediately see your body, mood, energy etc. change within only a few days of living these Habits. I know I CAN, and WILL, live them for the rest of my life.  But as I get better at the 5 Healthy Habits...this is definately the 'Best' I'll be pushing for. A clean, Paleo approach with a simple focus on a good balance. Of course, I need to master the 5 healthy habits a bit more least more like 80% ....

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