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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5th Healthy Habit - Exercise

In March our new goal for the month is all about Exercise.

Goal: Work out at least 5 times a week.

Example: Come to class*...if you're going to miss, text me and I'll send you a workout. Not too hard ;) Workout with intensity and purpose, be sure to make time to do it at least 5X/week.
On your rest days, make an effort to still be active.

(*for those of you, who are not in our group. put your email in the comments and I will send you workouts you can do @ home with little to no equipment..
.if you live in the salem/elk ridge/spanish fork area - come on by, we'll gladly work you out)

Why? :Well what can I say, this one is pretty straight forward, but lets break it down shall we?...

Daily, regualr exercise has been linked to all kinds of possitive side effects, longevity, new cell development, stress relief, anti-depressent, improved cognitive function, libedo, cardiovascular health, lower cholesterollower blood pressure, diabetes prevention (and in some cases reversal), reduced risk of stroke, weight control, improved self esteem, muscle strength, bone density, better sleep, increased hydration, increased energy, decrease risk of colon cancer, increase joint function and flexibility...the list goes on and on. C'mon even a small handful of these things would make it worth it, but combined...I GOTTA HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW :)

Plus, it's fun....and if you don't agree, you haven't tried the right kind of exercise. Find something you love, it needs to challenge you and make you prove something every day..then you will keep coming back. That's the key. In fact, if you do the right kind of exercise - you may find the biggest reward is how you see your own ability to take on a challenge and succeed. Your own self image changes faster than your body as you prove everyday what you're made of, at least for me this was the case.

I found myself through Crossfit, I was lost for a long time and I found myself again. I felt everyday like a victim to my body, constantly trying and failing to beat my body and it's shortcomings. I came from a family of dis-health. I remember one day wondering when I would get cancer. Just like my mother, and her mother before her - I knew I had an expiration date, I knew because I had a body that was shutting down, in my 20's! I remember my first crossfit workout, it nearly killed me. I was dying at the end. I kept thinking, there is no way I can finish this. But I did. And then, I kept trying - everyday, and everyday I kept proving myself wrong. Soon my body was proving to my mind, that I was stronger than I thought. I stopped feeling like a victim and started pushing myself to win. Here I am, only 5 months later, and most of the physical problems I have been fighting for the last 8 years are either gone or under control. Exercise, 5X/week - hard, challenging, intense exercise...that is what has given me back my life (plus the other 4 healthy habits)
 I no longer wonder when I'll get cancer. I work too hard, I'm getting too healthy... cancer can't catch me now.

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