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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Before and Afters....the benefits of paleo/zone eating

6 weeks later Jill went from 19% bodyfat to 13.5% bodyfat
I can always get excited when I see a success story...I had to share with you some of the awesome stories I've seen:
Jills Story
Brenda Glidden
Omaha Crossfitters
Crossfit Fire
Robb Wof case study

We have talked a bit about the paleo lifestyle as we explore improving the quality of our food. Now I'm starting to get more information that makes me want to do something a little crazy...I think it's time for me to jump into a more structured format and get this weight off once and for all...more on that tomorrow. but for today - enjoy these inspirational stories and get a healthy dose of motivation.

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