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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet potato Pucks - featured recipe

ok ladies, found me a new food crush. His name is Nick Massie. He's a chef, super cute (personality...geeze I'm married) and a crossfitter like us. So check out one of his simple fun recipes...looking forward to trying this guy out this know I'll give ya a heads up when I have :)

So the video kinda cuts off on the end, but so simple. The full recipe is in the Link above...not that you really need one with this simple snack...but if you'd like to print it out - go for it. I likes me some sweet potato and some bacon...but together? hmmm we'll just have to see.

UPDATE****Tried it out - it tastes exactly as you would sweet potatos wraped in bacon *wink.  I liked it, the sweetness of the yam and the salty of the bacon were pretty tasty. But be warned, if you think someone will suddenly like sweet potatos now that they have bacon jacketed around them, it's a no deal. You can still taste both very distinctly. So it's a fun new snack, but only if you're a fan of both ingredients :)

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