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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Winter Salsa ---bonus raw chili

So wintertime means no fresh garden tomatos..but that doesn't mean no fresh salsa! That would be a travesty! So here is a little recipe to get you through the season...


2Lg cans       Diced Tomatos
1-2               Whole Jalapenos - spicy
                     (remove stem, seeds and membranes - mild)
1sm              Onion
bunch           Cilantro (handful)
3-4cloves     Garlic
1-2               Limes (juice)
                    sea salt & pepper

1. In a blender - dice jalapenos, garlic, some tomatos and some cilantro.
Blend until finely chopped (no large pieces) place in a glass or metal bowl.

2. In the blender - pulse the rest of the tomatos, onions, and the rest of the cilantro. (pulse till desired thickness)  Add to bowl.

3. Season with lime juice (and/or zest - your call) salt & pepper,
If too acidic add a TBLs. of raw honey
This will taste best after a few hours sitting in the fridge.

BONUS RECIPE: Raw-ish Chili

Grab some black beans (canned) drain and heat. Pour into a bowl, Cover in fresh cold salsa. Add a pinch or two of cumin. Stir.
- you could use a different bean too.

Makes a great lunch, but split it in two and you could easily get a couple snacks out of it. I like to up the raw veggie factor by adding fresh dice tomatoes, green chillies, avocados, cilantro or mangos etc.

Could be used in corn totillas as a filling if you tolerate corn. Lettuce wraps are a great alternative to tortillas. Of course all the usual suspects: cheese, corn, tortilla chips, sour cream etc. if you are not avoiding these foods. but I just love it in the bowl covered in yummy good!

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