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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travis' Orange Julius

My sweet Hubby makes the most amazing Orange Julius, no really - better than the ones you get at the mall. So with some coercion he has reluctantly given me the secret recipe and I of course have passed it along to're welcome ;)

1 tray of Ice cubes
1 small OJ concentrate tube
1 cup Milk
1 cup Water
1 TBLs Vanilla
Love (yes, he actually said this)
optional..... scoop of protein power, frozen or fresh fruit, supplements etc.

So anytime we happen to have berries that need to be eaten, we usually toss some in. We have tried all kinds of combinations etc. and every one delights. I'm telling you with this base, you cannot go wrong.

Now for all of you paleo could switch the mik for chilled almond milk and you will still love the results. Fresh Orange Juice works too, but truthfully the concentrate makes it so much richer.
This makes the best homemade popsicles, the kids have no idea I hide probiotics and protein powder inside ;)

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