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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fitness is Sport


Candi said...

I'm Cate Johnsons sister. I tried to leave a comment before but I'm not sure if it saved :). I really enjoy your blog. I've been implementing the monthly habits into my life and have noticed a huge difference!!

I'm also considering doing CrossFit in the future now too. (I just had a baby so I've been doing work out videos from home)

I read your article on sugar. I really like xylitol. (I'm a dental hygienist). I've done so much research on it and just LOVE the stuff. I also read in Decembers goal that you drink lemon water every morning. Have you considered popping a piece of xylitol gum in aftewards. It will help neutralize your mouth so its not so acidic and your not at risk for tooth decay. Another thing that will help neutralize is a piece of cheese or a few nuts. (sorry for these tips...its the hygienist in me :) :)

Thank you for writing this blog. VERY motivating. I'm excited to just keep adding healthy habits so the unhealthy ones kind of go away on there own. I think about this blog every time I implement one of my new habits!!

natalie said...

Wow Candi - so nice to meet you! (sort of:)
I love the tips on xylitol - I will have to get me some gum ;)

It's so great to hear of more ladies using the blog - we all love having the info easy to find online, but I have lots of help from the girls getting it all done - I'll pass your kind words on to them (although they have most likely read your sweet comment)

Actually - while on the subject - thank you for commenting, since we see each other every day we rarely post comments, it's nice to see some on the site...keeps me motivated to find you some more great info:)

Please don't be a stranger, Keep us posted on your progress, good luck and God bless - N

(oh, and PS I adore your cute sister - thanks for sharing her with us)